My experience in Ann Arbor

First let me say that Ann Arbor, Michigan is a fabulous city, especially when you come from the Detroit airport. I’m not a fan of Detroit, never really have been since I first went there to cover a Tigers game back in 2010. Don’t get me wrong, it’s gotten a little better, and some improvements to downtown make it a little more palatable, but I would rather not spend too much time there.

Ann Arbor is made a lot better when you have friends there who you’ve known for a very long time, and they want to take you tailgating with them in their very extravagant way.

My two friends Billy and Frank both went to University of Michigan, and they like to make sure that they do things the right way when they tailgate. They have a group of about 35 people that all tailgate together, and Billy and Frank take about 12 of them in a limo over to the Big House parking lot where they all start to consume mass amounts of alcoholic beverages.

They wanted to take me on a tour of Ann Arbor first, so the Limo company they hired – check them out here:, took us to see some great views of the Huron River, drove us around downtown to see some historic sights, and then we ended up seeing a lot of the University. The law quadrangle is an especially pretty sight, as you can see here.

University of Michigan Law Quadrangle

After taking the tour of campus, Billy, Frank, and the rest of the crew went on their merry way to the tailgate, where I followed for a bit, but couldn’t partake in the festivities as I had to get to media row and begin my coverage of the game. I’ve partied with these guys plenty of times in the past, and I would have been in the bag by gametime had I been able to stick around.

Nevertheless, I made it into the Big House about 2 hours before kickoff. I didn’t have full access to the field, but was able to report on the game, which was all my job entailed for the day.

This game was not suppose to be a very close one, as Michigan was favored by over 30 points coming into it. UNLV made the score closer than the initial spread, but Michigan still controlled the game throughout, winning handily, 28-7.

If you’ve never been to the ‘Big House’, you need to do yourself a favor and make this trip happen. This is the biggest College Football stadium in the nation, and it easily brings some great energy from the over 100,000 fans that attend every game.

The football team has been re-energized by the arrival of coach Jim Harbaugh, who is as brash as he is good, and I think everyone that I spoke to in media row expects them to contend for years to come because of Harbaugh. Plus, the attraction of coming to Ann Arbor is a huge plus for recruits.

I normally cover sports games about 4-5 times per year, and I have a blast every single time I do.

Hopefully, next time I cover sports, I will get to come back to Ann Arbor, because I absolutely love the city!