Some funny people out there

Most everyone knows this already, but there are some real funny people out there. The kind of people who just like to mess with anyone who is trying to convey news at a local or national level. These are the kind of people who are simply trying to get on television, and do anything stupid they can to do so.

You’ve probably known one or two of these people in your life, and they are your typical prank artist, or the person that tries to play a practical joke on you every single chance they get. My brother is one of these people, he does something dumb every April Fools day (has been since he was about 10). I’ve gotten doused with water, fire extinguishers, jello – pretty much anything they can get their hands on to make an absolute joke out of someone else, they do.

Sometimes this doesn’t turn out well, but most of the time it’s funny. This is also the case with the news media. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been interviewing someone, either in person, or with a camera behind taking footage, and we see someone try to either get in front of the camera or actually make it happen and do something that they think is funny. It may be funny, and it may not be, but they are always at least laughing.

I am in Ann Arbor this week covering the University of Michigan Football team, and yesterday while asking one of the players about their first two games, I became the brunt of the joke.

Backstory: I’ve been around the team for a few years, have done some stories on them, and with Jim Harbaugh in town, they are a very hot story right now, not only in Ann Arbor, but in college football.

So, as I’m interviewing the Defensive Coordinator, one of the players comes up behind me and puts a small white garbage can over my head. At this moment, I decided to keep with the prank of the joke, stuck the microphone inside the trash can to ask my next question, and (unfortunately with no cameras rolling), kept asking the questions.

As I was asking the questions, I could hear snickering all around, but when I was done, the D coordinator gave me a high-five for going along with the joke.

There’s many more examples of pranks that I could tell you about that you would laugh pretty hard at, but that was the latest in a very funny line of them.

I’ll be going to the football game tomorrow to cover it, but will be tailgating with a few friends before hand, so will come back to tell my tailgating story a little later.