The good and bad of travelling

As a journalist, everyone knows that you travel a lot. And I mean A LOT. Not travel once per week, but sometimes 7 times per week, to different states, cities, towns, hotspots. You name it, we’ve done it regarding travel.

I’ve lost myself before, thinking that I’m in a certain city, and actually being in another but forgetting how I get somewhere. Thankfully, I hire an Uber, taxi, or a limo company when I travel to make sure they take me where I need to go. Driving myself when I’m trying to get work done is for the birds (Sometimes I have to, even if it’s not desirable.)

I’ve also lost track of what day and month it is, although most of the time I pick myself up at night from the canvas and review all things important regarding dates, times, and location. This doesn’t happen all that often, but when it does happen, I know that I’m super busy.

Some of the good points of travelling so much can be forgotten because people like to focus too much on the negatives, but when it comes to travelling, there’s plenty of good that comes along. I’ll list the good stuff below, before I get too tired that I will need to pass out.

  • The amount of airline miles that I rack up. I’m on so many A-lists and preferred clubs with the airlines that I get upgraded wherever I go.
  • I get some pretty slick transportation when I travel. Whether that comes in the form of a rental car, Uber, or a Limo, I normally have some pretty nice cars waiting for me when I land at the airport. If I’m travelling by land, that’s a different story.
  • Eating out. I eat at some pretty nice places. As you saw in this post