My experience in Ann Arbor

First let me say that Ann Arbor, Michigan is a fabulous city, especially when you come from the Detroit airport. I’m not a fan of Detroit, never really have been since I first went there to cover a Tigers game back in 2010. Don’t get me wrong, it’s gotten a little better, and some improvements to downtown make it a little more palatable, but I would rather not spend too much time there.

Ann Arbor is made a lot better when you have friends there who you’ve known for a very long time, and they want to take you tailgating with them in their very extravagant way.

My two friends Billy and Frank both went to University of Michigan, and they like to make sure that they do things the right way when they tailgate. They have a group of about 35 people that all tailgate together, and Billy and Frank take about 12 of them in a limo over to the Big House parking lot where they all start to consume mass amounts of alcoholic beverages.

They wanted to take me on a tour of Ann Arbor first, so the Limo company they hired – check them out here:, took us to see some great views of the Huron River, drove us around downtown to see some historic sights, and then we ended up seeing a lot of the University. The law quadrangle is an especially pretty sight, as you can see here.

University of Michigan Law Quadrangle

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Some funny people out there

Most everyone knows this already, but there are some real funny people out there. The kind of people who just like to mess with anyone who is trying to convey news at a local or national level. These are the kind of people who are simply trying to get on television, and do anything stupid they can to do so.

You’ve probably known one or two of these people in your life, and they are your typical prank artist, or the person that tries to play a practical joke on you every single chance they get. My brother is one of these people, he does something dumb every April Fools day (has been since he was about 10). I’ve gotten doused with water, fire extinguishers, jello – pretty much anything they can get their hands on to make an absolute joke out of someone else, they do.

Sometimes this doesn’t turn out well, but most of the time it’s funny. This is also the case with the news media. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been interviewing someone, either in person, or with a camera behind taking footage, and we see someone try to either get in front of the camera or actually make it happen and do something that they think is funny. It may be funny, and it may not be, but they are always at least laughing.

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The good and bad of travelling

As a journalist, everyone knows that you travel a lot. And I mean A LOT. Not travel once per week, but sometimes 7 times per week, to different states, cities, towns, hotspots. You name it, we’ve done it regarding travel.

I’ve lost myself before, thinking that I’m in a certain city, and actually being in another but forgetting how I get somewhere. Thankfully, I hire an Uber, taxi, or a limo company when I travel to make sure they take me where I need to go. Driving myself when I’m trying to get work done is for the birds (Sometimes I have to, even if it’s not desirable.)

I’ve also lost track of what day and month it is, although most of the time I pick myself up at night from the canvas and review all things important regarding dates, times, and location. This doesn’t happen all that often, but when it does happen, I know that I’m super busy.

Some of the good points of travelling so much can be forgotten because people like to focus too much on the negatives, but when it comes to travelling, there’s plenty of good that comes along. I’ll list the good stuff below, before I get too tired that I will need to pass out.

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Welcome to my blog about my journalist life

Thanks for visiting my blog where I will discuss the finer points, err, well, just the points of my journalist life.

It’s not very glamorous, outside of the nice amount of travel I get to do, but every now and then, even the travel is exhausting. I don’t remember the last time when I actually had a week off to just relax!

However, all of that is my fault, as I’m an independent contractor, or a freelancer, as they like to call us writers who are hired to do specific pieces for publications all over the world.

You may know some very famous journalists, perhaps some of the names below will ring a bell.

-Bob Woodward

-Barbara Walters

-Walter Cronkite

-Anderson Cooper

-Peter Jennings

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